Succession Planning Services

In addition to our certified accounting and bookkeeping expertise, DeMarco & Associates is one of Toledo's leaders in full service business succession planning and consulting services. The most challenging part of business succession is not only developing a structured plan for the financial future of your business, but trying to implement these plans successfully with the next leadership team. Seven out of ten family businesses do not survive the transition from founder to the second generation of leadership. DeMarco & Associates financial succession consulting services are designed to be both practical and attainable, with an emphasis on implementation and stability.

Our Toledo based succession consulting team will develop solutions to any problems that may arise in the transition of your business form one leadership group to the next. We assist both you and your hand picked succession team in managing and implementing the succession plan, preventing disruptions to business operations and avoiding costly tax penalties. The DeMarco & Associates team will then help transition the new team towards leadership sustainability, bridging the information gap and making sure the company remains on stable financial footing during the transition.

Our professional financial consulting staff can also assist you in preparing your company for a merger or acquisition, a potential selloff, or assist in restructuring the business to make it more attractive for one of these opportunities to take place. Our goal is to help you plan for your retirement while also keeping your life's work financially solvent and continuing to support the next generation of family and employees you entrust it too.

Don't let financial concerns or unprepared leadership undo the company you've spent a lifetime building, rely on the financial succession planning experts at DeMarco & Associates to keep your company running smoothly for years to come.

Our Financial Succession Planning Services have assisted with:

  • Family Member Succession
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Corporate Consolidations
  • Business Restructuring
  • Retirement Income Projections
  • Buy and Sell Agreements
  • Estate Planning and Gift Planning
  • Business Valuations
  • Tax Planning

If your business is in need of succession consulting, or if you would like advisement on financial and accounting matters related to transitioning to the next generation of leadership, contact the financial succession planning experts at DeMarco & Associates today. Our staff of succession planners, consultants, CPAs and financial advisors will work together to outline a plan for the continued growth and financial success of your business or personal financial structure long after you have retired.