Supporting Women in Business

DeMarco and Associates has a unique appreciation for the role of women in small business and start ups. We've worked with dozens of Toledo area businesswomen to help manage their finances and help keep both their business and personal life on sure financial footing. Part of our experience comes from being a small business owned and operated by women. In fact, DeMarco and Associates it Toledo's only female owned and managed accounting firm. We know where you are and the challenges that lie ahead because we've been there ourselves, and our team is ready to help the next female business leaders of Toledo succeed both personally and professionally.

DeMarco and Associates has also worked with several female entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial networks to provide support, business and financial consulting, and our unique perspective to other women looking to start their own business in Northwest Ohio. Our team of accountants and ffinancial managers come from a diverse background of industries, and we have both the knowledge and the expertise to help your business succeed as well.

We understand the unique challenges facing entrepreneurs of all genders, and are committed to working with the next generation of business owners and start-ups in Toledo and Perrysburg. There is a tremendous amount of opportunity out there, and having an experienced and savvy financial expert to help guide you and your company through the initial start up phases can be the difference between success and failure. DeMarco and Associates work with small and medium sized business owners to create a solid financial foundation for future growth and earnings.

For more information about DeMarco and Associates experience and accounting services for small and medium sized business in Perrysburg, or to hear how we can help get your new or existing business back on track to financial success, call us today at (419) 931-0250 to find out how we can help you get your business moving in the right financial direction.