Fraud Investigation and Forensic Accounting

Our experienced professionals work with our clients and their attorneys to tailor fraud investigation services to the specific REQUIREMENTS of EACH situation. We have vast experience providing the reports and supporting documentation needed to properly support a fraud investigation case.

Fraud has become more pervasive in business and oftentimes it goes undetected. If you suspect that fraud may be occurring in your business or would just appreciate knowing that you are not the victim of a fraud, our professionals are available for consultation.

DeMarco and Associates is your first line of defense when it comes to fraud investigation. Whether the claim is coming from an individual, corporation, state or federal government, or if you need a third party audit conducted for any reason, let DeMarco and associates Certified Public Accountants be the first call you make.

We specialize in both investigative accounting and litigation support, and work hard to identify areas off financial loss, we determine the total value of the loss, we help identify to process used and the individual(s) responsible. In these situations, it is always important to have an ally on your side who can evaluate the claims or issues and provide you with support for your position. We provide assistance with all four of the key steps of forensics accounting.

  1. Data Collection
  2. Data Preparation
  3. Data Analysis
  4. Final Reporting

Whether your issue is with an outside organization or a private party in your industry, it is imperative that you seek help from qualified experts immediately. DeMarco and associates can be your expert to help guide you through the process, and to help mitigate or potentially negate any losses.

Investigative Accounting can be helpful in a variety of ways, including:

  • Review of the financial situation and proposal of suggestions regarding courses of action available to the client
  • Assistance with the protection and recovery of assets in question
  • Co-ordination of other experts to help support the position, including:
    • Private investigators
    • Forensic document examiners
    • Consulting engineers
  • Assistance with the recovery of assets by way of civil action, arbitration or criminal prosecution, if necessary

DeMarco and Associates prides ourselves on offering all of our clients exceptional investigative, financial analysis and litigation support when these situations arise. These efforts can take many forms, including:

  • Assistance in obtaining documentation necessary to support or refute the claim in question
  • Review of provided documentation to form an assessment of the case and identify potential areas of loss
  • Assist with Examination during the Discovery period, including the formulation of questions to be asked regarding the financial evidence
  • Attendance at the Examination during Discovery to review testimony, assist legal counsel and clients with understanding the financial issues and to formulate additional questions to be asked
  • Review of the opposing expert's damages report, including reporting on the strengths and weaknesses of their positions, with suggestions for legal counsel
  • Assistance with any pre-trial discussions and settlement negotiations
  • Expert attendance during trial to hear the testimony of the opposing expert, and provide assistance with cross-examination if necessary

Litigation and suspicion of fraud can be crippling to any small business or individual. It is imperative that you seek expert help as quickly as possible, and to not attempt to handle a situation that includes potential litigation by yourself. Get DeMarco and Associates involved at the beginning, and be confident in our team's ability to help you navigate the hazards of these issues, or help you determine if you have cause for a lawsuit against another party for fraud or other criminal financial activity.

If you have additional questions about forensic accounting practices, DeMarco and associates expertise or the help we can provide you our your company with a potential lawsuit, do not hesitate to call us today.