Why QuickBooks

QuickBooks makes accounting for small businesses much simpler by putting powerful accounting tools into the hands of Do-It-Yourself business owners.

Many Perrysburg-area businesses are turning to QuickBooks or Peachtree to manage their bookkeeping and monitor their cash flow. However, while both programs are incredible financial tools, using new, unfamiliar software can lead to errors in financial recording — with expensive consequences.

DeMarco and Associates can help facilitate QuickBooks integration so you can track your company’s bookkeeping for successful financial management. You’ll get a more hands-on approach to your finances along with the oversight of our trusted Perrysburg accounting firm.

QuickBooks Accounting & Bookkeeping Support Services

Our boutique CPA firm has years of experience helping businesses switch to QuickBooks

We provide advisory assistance to facilitate development of tax returns, financial statements and audits. No more concern about figuring it out on your own. Our financial experts help you eliminate record-keeping issues before they become serious problems, allowing you to manage your bookkeeping with confidence and ease.

QuickBooks Setup & Training for Small Businesses

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We can help you learn your existing QuickBooks or Peachtree accounting system, or guide you in setting up a new system.